SOME YEARS AGO at a time when Jouni Bäckström was still a young college-boy he came up with a plan. It was not unusual for him to have a plan, for he came up with plans every now and then – actually so often that people around him, especially his older brother Petri, listened to the young man´s thoughts calmly amused, and did not take him too seriously. This time his plan was something bigger; actually it was not a plan but a dream. And following months it transformed into a goal. We should do a new musical comedy. Not one of those nearly-funny operatic shows where audience smiles uneasily, and not one of those shows where actors mock opera singers, but a show which is funny for real and musically skilful for real, and makes audiences laugh for real and also makes them astonished for its musical beauty.

When Jouni finally (after 10-years of hard work) graduated as an opera singer, the time was right for this show. Jouni gathered the best possible forces , that he knew around him: Jouni´s Brother Petri and unbelievable pianowizard Jukka Nykänen were the most obvious artists to form the most wonderful (although a little bit eccentric) ensemble. And after he gained some more courage he asked the funniest artists he knows, Spymonkeys Toby Park and Aitor Bassauri to direct the show. What became of this astounded everyone (not least its makers): rhythmically sharp and abdomen-crampingly funny musical comedy, with its musical world hidden with masterpieces by Richard Wagner as well as Johnny Cash.

The show become much more: visits, tour, company, new shows…

The journey has been fantastic, and a lot is still coming. Join us (we will fill our calendar here whenever we can), look at our videos on Youtube (and please subscribe if you like), follow us on Facebook and Twitter and you know what is going on with us!

Dream big and may the Force be with You… and some quote from the Lord of the Rings! :)

Fabulous Bäckström Brothers

Jouni and Petri