Photo: Topias Toppinen

07 Jan Helsingin Sanomat review


Lauri Meri 22/09/2014
Singer brothers let it loose in Musictheater Kapsäkki`s new piece

Legendary Route 66, connecting road between Chicago and Los Angeles, has been a stage for many stories of growth. Less often, as far as we know, according to the laws of quantum physics, these stories have their identical counterparts.

In Music Theatre Kapsäkki, Fabulous Bäckström Brothers tells the story of baritone Jouni Bäckström, who has completed his time-consuming studies, and at last wants to get to know his older Brother properly, to spend some quality time together.

Tenor Petri Bäckström is preparing for a big role as Wagner´s Siegfried, so he decides to take his accompanist Jukka Nykänen on the backseat of their car. Jukka on the other hand lives in the middle of the most intense period of writing his new opera ‘The God Particle’.

From this farce-like base emerges a delight without comparison, in which the new opera about matter and the antimatter is being born on the backseat, is mixed with the frontseat brothers’ implicit tensions, Wagnerian horned helmets, divine beings wander into the reality of pink-coloured fastfood restaurants.

Music is powerfully present in a multitude of other ways in a performance that grows into a spectacle. A car radio inspires these men to a singing competition, and with the help of clattery cups an unbelievable version of Stravinsky´s Rite of Spring is presented.

It is enough to have a mere piano as the set, which turns easily into a car or a dragon. Costumes and amazing props they have boxloads.

The comic appeal of the three musicians appeals clearly to classic music lovers, but also to those who think opera is a ridiculous art form.

Performers have two qualified directors for their work: Toby Park and Aitor Basauri are members of the british group Spymonkey, frequent visitors to Finland.

Perhaps this Finnish threesome will pack their bags and will conquer the world!